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Details of Citizen Services Delivered by the Organization
Sr.No. Name / Particulars of the service Current mode of delivery of servcie (Mannual / Electronic) Time-lines prescribed for delivery of the service, if any Service Priority (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.)
1 Supply of Foundation seeds of Various crops to the seed growers subject to availability. Manual Against 100% apyment within 2 working days 1st
2 Supply of seed to the farmers through sales outlets of HSDC & other Goverment Agencies subject to availability. Manual Same working day. 2nd
3 Disposal of complaints with regard to Quality of Seeds Manual Reply to the complainant within two days of receipt of complaint and its disposal within 15 days after reply to the complainant by the committee constituted for attending the complaint. 1st
4 Intake of Raw Seed at Seed Processing Plant on the basis of Final field inspection report issued by Seed Certification Agency Manual Delivery of Raw seed at Seed Processing Plant of HSDC on the same working day. 4th
5 Advance payment of Raw Seeds to the Seed Growers Manual / By Cheque 80% payment of Minimum of Support Price of respective crop within 5 working days. 5th
6 Final payment to the concerned seed Growers Manual / By Cheque Balance 20% final payment of certified seed after getting successful test reports from seed testing lab subject to lifting of undersize seed and settlement of all dues within 5 wokring days. 6th