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Incentives / Facilities To Growers

The Corporation gives a number of incentives and facilities to the seed growers which are as under:-

  1. A premium of 30 — 35% premium over & above average of 5 highest mandi rates / MSP (whichever is higher) is given to the seed growers for the procurement of certified seed of Paddy, pulses & Oil seeds
  2. In case of wheat procurement, HSDC gives Rs.325/- per quintal higher than the Govt. Minimum Support Price including Bonus. In case of C-306 variety, an additional premium of Rs.300/- per qtl. is given.
  3. The amount of Rs.12/- per qtl. is extra to the Shareholder Growers on Certified Seed of Wheat.
  4. 85% procurement price of the Raw seed is paid immediately at the time of delivery of raw seed.
  5. Gunny bags are provided to growers for bringing the produce to the processing plants.
  6. Transportation rebate upto Rs. 25.75/- per qtl. is given on certified seed.
  7. Unloading expenses of raw seed at the processing plants is borne by HSDC.