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Quality Control

Taking into consideration the vital importance of Seed Quality, HSDC established a separate Quality Control Department in 1982 so as to undertake quality checks at various stages of seed production, processing, storage & marketing of seeds. HSDC gives top priority to all quality aspects i.e. varietal purity, hybrid characteristics, vigour, physical purity, genetic purity & seed health.

Although, all the quality components are important but the most pertinent index is the seed germination & purity for which the test procedures and standard have been prescribed by Govt. of India and the same are adhered to by the HSDC. In case of Breeder, Foundation & Hybrid Seeds, the Grow-Out Test (GOT) are got conducted through HSSCA before marketing / allotment of seed production program. In case of all Truthful Labelled (T.L.) seeds, special field inspections are carried out by the Senior Technical Officers of the Corporation so as to assure the quality of seeds.

Quality Control Seed Testing Lab

HSDC has established a well equipped Quality Control Seed Testing Lab at its Regional office Complex, Umri. 100% carry-over seed lots and 10% fresh seed lots are got tested in this Lab in addition to that of HSSCA tests, so as to conform to quality parameters before it is sold to the farmers.

To ensure an adequate & uniform seed quality, the guidelines and instructions are issued from time to time by Quality Control Section & all these important guidelines have been compiled & printed in the form of Quality Control Circulars in a Book called "HSDC Manual of Instructions Part-I & Part-II". The field staff working in Quality Control Section to visit all six Processing Plants, Seed Storage Godowns and also undertake field inspections at critical stages so as to ensure the quality of seed. The objective is clear - Quality Seed.